Go Green Go Smart

Energy and Water Solutions

Reduce your reliance on the grid or eliminate the need completely with our various solutions. Our team of trained professionals will assess your needs and build a system to suit. New systems may include replacement of lighting, air-conditioners, water heating and other energy using appliances to fit within you budget. Our solutions include grid-tied, grid interactive with battery back-up and off-grid systems using high quality components and materials. Our installers are Tesla Powerwall accredited.

Water Heating

Heat pumps and solar geysers provide an efficient way of heating water. As water heating costs often contribute the greatest part of total energy costs, replacing these is a logical start. Our teams of experienced professionals will advise you on the best solution based on your needs and budget. We only use high quality components to ensure your investment delivers over its full life span.


Heating and Cooling systems are crucial for comfort however often consume large amounts of energy. We make use of energy efficient systems which save up to 70% energy when compared to older systems. Furthermore, our engineers will advise you on the correct set-up and build a fully integrated, energy efficient system your home, office or business. We carry best in class brands such as Airstream, Daiken and Samsung.

Home Automation and Security

Need a home automation and integrated security system? We provide various systems to suit varied needs and budgets. Our offering includes lighting control, heating and cooling, appliance control, security systems, camera systems, smoke detection and audio visual systems. Our team of experienced engineers are ready to meet with you and understand your needs and configure a system which meets your requirements.

Water Management

Water resources have become more scarce and more expensive given our drier climate and growing population. We provide a wide range of water management systems from grey water to rain harvesting, back-up or septic systems. Contact us to set up a visit where we will advise you the best system to suit your needs and budget.