Service Partners

Work with the The Installation Company Team

Join the The Installation Company team in delivering superior maintenance and installations services to our customers. Our platform was designed to assist customers with a quick and efficient way to access reliable, credible and fully vetted service providers


We provide a supportive and sustainable model for tradesmen such as tilers, laminate flooring installers, plumbers, electricians, builders, painters and many more. Our platform uses technology, best practices and experience to take the pain out of managing a services business, leaving you with more time to focus on revenue and profitability.


Individuals and/or companies with an existing business and experience in delivering quality work. Partners can range from a one-man show right up to 100+ staff.


The minimum requirements below must be met and maintained. These are important to ensure that only quality providers are accepted onto our panel, ensuring superior service delivery for our customers.

Service Partners

  • Share our passion for exceptional customer service
  • Well-presented and be conversant in English
  • No criminal convictions or pending criminal court cases
  • Valid South African bank account
  • Ability to use mobile applications (apps)
  • 2 years’ experience in the relevant trade plus 6 trade references
  • Access to a well-maintained and reliable vehicle
  • Have all the tools required to perform the work adequately
  • Where trade is governed by a professional body (such as Plumbers), provide proof of membership


  • Share our passion for exceptional customer service
  • Well presented and be conversant in English
  • South African citizen or be in SA legally
  • No criminal convictions or pending criminal court cases

Become a Partner


Q. Who should become an Installation Company partner?

A. Everyone who recognises that the current method of doing business in this industry is ineffective and inefficient. The Installation Company provides world-class technology to help you generate higher revenues and improve profitability. We also provide a platform for you to scale-up your business. If you share our passion for exceptional customer service, are suitably qualified and experienced and meet our minimum requirements, we invite you to join. Our Partners are made up of one-man sole proprietors through to large multi-team businesses.

Q. Do I have to run my entire business through The Installation Company?

A. We recognise you may have existing clients and as such, we do not expect you to dedicate 100% of your time and effort to The Installation Company. If you are busy with non-installation company work, simply indicate this on the platform diary and no work will be allocated during this time. If you would like to run your entire business through our platform, we will gladly accommodate you.

Q. Can I do big project work through The Installation Company?

A. Yes, we service both residential and commercial clients and – depending on your experience, competencies and capacity – will allocate larger projects (typically R1m to R10m) to our accredited commercial service partners.

Q. How does pricing work?

A. Our objective is to establish fair pricing for both customers and service partners and have set prices on many of the services offerred. We do, however, allow for adjustments to standard pricing depending on the unique circumstances of each site and customer, effectively giving our service partners the ability to negotiate. We do not allow for charging of quotes, call-outs and travel within 15km of the areas we serve. We are professionals and as such will never over-charge or low-ball (where a quote for work is purposefully reduced to get the work and then increased afterwards).

Q. IsThe Installation Company just another Marketing platform?

A. Absolutely not. The Installation Company is a “pro-supplier” ecosystem, which addresses many of the needs and requirements of our partners. Our panel is made up of “Partners” and not “Suppliers” and we work together to deliver exceptional service profitably. We do not send multiple partners to the same customer request providing you the best chance of converting the quote into a job.

Q. What is the relationship between The Installation Company and CTM Installations and Italtile Installations?

A. The Installation Company owns and manages the CTM Installations and Italtile Installations brands. These brands were created to provide credible installation solutions to CTM and Italtile customers, in addition to driving the training and upskilling of tilers within the market place.

Q. What is the admission criteria?

A. To ensure that only the best make it onto our panel, we spend a great deal of time vetting potential partners. This process includes verification of ID and work permits (if applicable), criminal checks, credit checks, registration with professional bodies (if applicable), references and audits of social media compliments/complaints. We score every applicant and will only accept those that meet our high standards. If you are unsuccessful, we will provide you with feedback on deficits so that you can work on these and re-apply when you have met our standards.

Q. How do customer ratings and reviews work?

A. Customer ratings are requested after every job you complete. We provide feedback to you and work with you in remedying poor scoring areas. Should a partner consistently fail to meet the minimum score, they will be removed from the panel.

Q. What does it cost to join?

A. A non-refundable application fee of R399 is payable prior to our screening process.

Q. Once I’ve joined, what does it cost?

A. We charge a small fee of R379 per month for full access to the platform and leads generated for you. When a quote is accepted, you receive a deposit and when the job is completed you receive final payment. A fee of between 10,0% and 20,0% is charged on labour items depending on the commercial terms agreed with yourself.

Q. How does payment work?

A. The Installation Company collects all payments from customers. We then settle any deposit or final balance amounts with our service partners every Monday unless it’s a holiday in which case we settle on the next business day.

Q. What happens if a customer doesn’t pay?

A. The Installation Company underwrites all bad debt and will pay you regardless of whether we receive the full balance or not. This is provided that the work has been completed to standard and is not subject to a customer complaint.